The moniker of Dutch musician, Joep le Blanc, Zes chronicles an enigmatic, deeply personal journey of self-discovery, told through a contemporary mix of indie/folk electronica and visual art.

Adopting a shadowy, masked persona across a string of debut releases – Love Will Take (2013), Hindsight (2014) and Darkened (2016) – Zes received critical acclaim from industry tastemakers such as VICE and Kaltblut alongside showcasing a hybrid live performance across festivals operated by PITCH, ADE, TheSoundYouNeed and Eurosonic.

Following an extensive creative rebirth, le Blanc shed his mask and showcased the fruits of his reinvention with the release of his debut album, Closer (2019). Providing listeners with an intimate look into the non-deterministic state of love le Blanc found himself in for the past year, Closer illustrated le Blanc’s newfound voice and aptitude for introspective songwriting and performance.

Approaching his next release with newfound purpose, le Blanc made his debut on bitbird with Somewhere in the Middle (2020). The EP tells Zes’ journey from a fragile mental state of unhealthy physical and emotional patterns to a stable, balanced state of inner peace, rooted in self-love. Further exploring the storytelling potential of his craft, the EP marked yet another creative renaissance for Zes with le Blanc now poised to continue his journey of self-actualization and universal discovery through a string of new releases set for 2022.

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